Frequently Asked Questions

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a professional who helps individuals and businesses find the right insurance coverage for their needs. They work with various insurance companies to find the best policies and prices for their clients.

How is an insurance broker different from an insurance agent?

An insurance broker works independently and represents the client’s interests, whereas an insurance agent typically works for one specific insurance company and sells their policies.

Do I have to pay extra to work with an insurance broker?

Working with United Family Insurance does not cost the client extra. No broker fees with us!

Can an insurance broker help me save money on insurance?

Yes, an insurance broker can often help clients find cost-effective insurance policies by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies and identifying potential discounts or cost-saving opportunities.

How do I choose the right insurance broker for my needs?

When selecting an insurance broker, consider their experience, expertise in the type of insurance you need, reputation, and the range of insurance companies they work with. United Family Insurance only works with top quality Insurance Carriers.

Can an insurance broker help with claims and policy changes?

Yes, insurance brokers can assist with filing claims, providing guidance on the claims process, and making changes to existing insurance policies as needed.